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Why stay at Opal Apartment Suites?

In contrast to regular hotels, our apartments gives you the chance to live like a local while you’re on vacation. You are essentially renting a fully-furnished home in a residential neighborhood roaming around in the local surroundings and shopping like locals.

You get WiFi Internet besides full kitchen facilities and all conveniences including Washing Machine, Iron & Ironing boards and much more.

You get a lot more room-space and storage in our apartments than you would usually get in a hotel, which makes our apartments a popular choice for families and groups of friends looking for Vacation Rental Homes or Holiday Rentals.

You do not have to pay electricity charges separately, the tariff includes all power charges. Actually there are no hidden charges at all.

You will definitely get a home-away-from-home experience which will make you come back for more every-time! And we can assure you that you will never book a hotel again!

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